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I ponder very long about what to write about me.
A normal CV, even if explanatory would not answer the whys of my life. The why my path as taken this turn, why I am here today establishing myself as an Trance Healer & Channel after more than 20 year in a corporate environment, a successful career, a Miss Switzerland title and a normal youth.

First I would like to say that this path chose me probably more than I chose it. It took me a long time to accept the gifts I have been granted, but it took an even longer time to realize that they had been accompanying me my entire life.

Of course, there were the occasional “coincidences”, obvious now but of which I was unaware then.

For example, the time when my new boss shook my hand and I absolutely knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would fire me 3 months later (which he did to the amazement of my assistant who thought that I was just negative towards changes).

Other examples include the odd situations I foresaw, the answers I just knew without knowing and of course, the different business decisions I took and could not justify why but ended up being the perfect ones.

A few years ago, confronted with a personal crisis, I reached out to a Medium for help. She just looked at me and said “why are you here when you can get the answers yourself”. And at that exact moment, for the first time ever, I heard a strong and clear voice saying: “It is about time that you realize that you are not talking to yourself “. The comment was punctuated by an enormous laugh, which to this day still makes me smile when I think about it.

After that first conscious encounter, my Spiritual Team THE COUNCIL first asked me if I wanted to be of service to the world of Spirit. When I answered positively, they offered me guidance to become a clear channel, stating clearly that above all it had to start by working on myself – cleaning out the past, clearing out the present and creating the future. They were very specific on the diet I should follow, the exercises I should do, the courses I should take…and then the painting came to support my own healing.

It was a hard school, 4-5 hours per day, over a 3 years period but now I realized how important that time was and how much I actually learned about myself and others. I also realized that it was essential to go trough the processes and uses the method they offered to me so that today I can talk the talk and walk the talk.

Following the direct guidance of my Spiritual Team THE COUNCIL I started an ever-unfolding personal journey to rediscover and accept the different gifts I received long ago and learn to share them with like-minded.

I am grateful that today, this path, once paved with doubts and fears, is now filled with channelings, painting and beautiful healing giving me comfort in truly believing in the power of the World of Spirit.

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